A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

You are an abomination, smouldering ice, wet fire.  You are still beyond God's creation. 

Prove yourself to me, his word upon the land, and I shall allow you the chance to temper yourself. Perhaps you can resolve your abhorrent form.

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SKEB must survive the lands of ice & fire!

Your best friend will help and offer you one upgrade to choose from after each round of combat; Choose wisely!


Use Xbox controller for best effect!

Keyboard: Arrows + X button

>>>>>   >>>>>   >>>>>

DESIGNERS: Ofek MorShachar Shomer

DEVELOPERS: Elad Maman, Tamir Sagi

CREATIVE HELP: Almog Shomer, Nir Ben-Atia, some sfx by team cherry (hollow knight)

GUIDANCE: Dani Bacon, Itamar Ernst,  Mati Ernst,  Nir Lahad,  Omer Zadok; Game Lab Course.

Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design 2022



Skeb for Win Build.zip 117 MB
Skeb for Mac Build.zip


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Great game finished it in one sitting. Big up

Thank you bamba! It means a lot!